ANNOUNCEMENT: National Week of Making Kicks Off with More than 100 Events and New Initiatives to Expand the Maker Movement Across the U.S.


June 16, 2016


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From June 16-22, 2017, the National Week of Making, led by Nation of Makers in collaboration with other organizations in the maker community, will showcase the diversity, creativity and ingenuity of makers across the United States. The Maker Movement is engaging students in hands-on, real world learning experiences, fostering local manufacturing, empowering more people to become entrepreneurs and making it possible for individuals to creatively solve important problems in their communities.

The increasing availability of low-cost tools and technologies for design and prototyping such as 3D printers, laser cutters and microcontrollers, is making it possible for more students and adults to design, develop and prototype their ideas into real projects, products and solutions. In makerspaces, hackerspaces and Fab Labs across the country, individuals are sharing their skills, from welding and coding to sewing and robotics and working together on projects that are making their communities better places to work, live and play.

While many towns and cities have spaces, programs and resources to foster making, there are also a large number of underserved communities and groups who do not have access to these opportunities. Nation of Makers, as well as schools, universities, makerspaces, companies, cities, members of U.S. congress, libraries and museums are working together to ensure that all communities can cultivate their own vibrant local maker ecosystems.


Nation of Makers welcomes EVERYONE to participate in the week long celebration of the maker movement within the United States from June 16-22, 2017. There are many different ways that you can get involved:

Participate in a maker event near you!

You can find a full list of National Week of Making events happening across the country at:

Organize your own event and then invite friends, colleagues and neighbors to join in.

Don’t forget to post your event, so we can highlight it:

Work on a community build project with friends, family and colleagues.

Makers across the U.S. are identifying problems in their communities and coming together to develop innovative solutions to address them. Kevin Hardin, an educator at MC2 STEM High School in Cleveland, has open sourced the plans for Geoconstructix, a low-cost project to create a beautiful geometric paper structure that can both be an opportunity to engage in science and math and a chance to create a beautiful piece of art.

Share what you’re making on social media using the hashtags #weekofmaking and #nationofmakers.

Making something cool that you want to share with the world? Share what you’re making using #weekofmaking #nationofmakers #whatimade

Participate in Maker Camp.

Hosted by Maker Media, Maker Camp (June 19-August 18, 2017)  provides a simple, fun way for kids to get involved in making. A worldwide network of affiliates host Maker Camps in public libraries, community groups, makerspaces, and maker homes. To find a Maker Camp site near you, click here. More than 1 million kids have participated in Maker Camp since it launched in 2012 and camp projects are freely available online.

Join the conversation and share your ideas about what makes a maker.

Nation of Makers (@nationofmakers), Design Squad (@DesignSquad), Society of Women Engineers, The Connectory (@the_connectory) and the National Girls Collaborative Project (@ngcproject) will be hosting a #GrowMakers Tweet chat titled “What Makes a Maker” on Twitter on June 20, 2017 at 12 p.m. EST. Join the conversation!


More than 100 events will be taking place across the country to celebrate the week, from workshops and open houses to camps and maker meals! Below are a selection of the amazing events that will be taking place this week celebrating the Maker Movement (You can find a full list of events at:

  • Louisville, KY– SkillsUSA National Leadership Conference, a showcase of career and technical education students with more than 16,000 participants, will have an on-site makerspace.
  • Washington, DC The U.S. Department of Education will host a maker showcase and panel discussion on making and education at American University.
  • Rochester, NY Fairport Public Library will launch its summer reading program with the maker-focused theme, “Build A Better World” and hands-on STEM and arts activities.
  • Seattle, WA– SoDo Makerspace will host a buildathon in collaboration with the Neil Squire Foundation and Makers Making Change, focused on developing assistive technologies to empower individuals with disabilities.
  • Waco, TX– The Mayborn Museum will host Summer in Design Den, which will include opportunities to build electronic circuits and learn how to sew and weave.
  • Vista, CA The American Gas and Steam Engine Museum will host the North County Mini Maker Faire.
  • Milwaukee, WI– Milwaukee Makerspace will host an open house, including a public tour and an opportunity to meet fellow makers.


Nation of Makers, Cognizant, and Maker City Project are helping 11 U.S. communities host Maker Town Halls to grow local support for making.

Maker Town Halls are an opportunity to convene key stakeholders in a community to discuss the role of the Maker Movement as it relates to areas such as education, entrepreneurship, workforce development, manufacturing, community revitalization and community-based problem solving. Recipients of Maker Town Hall Microgrants will receive $500-$1,000 and additional resources from Maker City Project such as the Maker City book, to help spur new collaborations, expand existing work and broaden access for more people in their communities to engage in making. Nation of Makers, with support from Cognizant, is awarding microgrants to the following communities (lead organization also listed below):

  • Anchorage, AK (Anchorage Makerspace)
  • Colorado Springs, CO (Colorado Maker Hub)
  • Cadiz, KY (Wildcat Makerspace)
  • Hazleton, PA (Downtown Hazleton Alliance for Progress)
  • Houston, TX (TXRX Labs)
  • Knoxville, TN (Knoxville Entrepreneur Center)
  • Lynchburg, VA (Vector Space)
  • Newport, RI (FabLab Newport)
  • Piscataway, NJ (NJ Makers Day)
  • Standing Rock, Lakota Nation (Tradlab)
  • Tucson, AZ (Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance)

Cognizant is engaging 40,000 youth in hands-on STEM through making at the National Boy Scout Jamboree 2017.

As a leading sponsor of the National Boy Scout Jamboree, Cognizant’s 5,400 sq.ft. Innovation Hub Makerspace will feature over 10 making stations to learn how to use tools and materials to bring ideas to life.  Some of the stations will feature electronics, programming, 2D fabrication, digital arts and media, CNC milling, casting and sewing  along with a Fix-It-Café and a Bio-Hazard Challenge. The Jamboree is host to 40,000 Scouting enthusiasts every four years at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia, also the home of the World Jamboree in 2019.  Learn more about how Cognizant is preparing Scouts for the Future of Work at

The Congressional Maker Caucus is introducing bipartisan legislation that would leverage underutilized Federal properties for makerspaces and expand career and technical education programs to include maker education.   

Representatives Mark Takano (D-CA) and Brad Schneider (D-IL) are introducing the Move Ownership and Responsibility to Encourage Makerspaces Act of 2017, the “MORE Makerspaces Act.” This legislation would save the Federal government money, by amending the Federal Assets Sale and Transfer Act to assist Federal agencies in leasing or selling abandoned or unused Federal properties for use as makerspaces.

Representatives Tim Ryan (D-OH), Steve Stivers (R-OH), Mark Takano (D-CA) and Susan Brooks (R-IN) introduced the 21st Century SHOP CLASS Act, legislation that would upgrade and modernize career and technical education programs in schools across the country. The 21st Century SHOP CLASS Act would define maker education and makerspaces, and amend the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act to allow funding for maker education, makerspaces, and training for teachers in the application of maker education.

Maker Media and Intel are launching Maker Share, a platform to foster collaboration among makers around the world.

Maker Share is where makers can go to show & tell what they can do. Maker Share will allow makers to create their own Maker Portfolio, participate in community missions, and develop their making skills in the Learning Center. Maker Share is a project from Make: and Intel.

Infosys Foundation USA is expanding its #WhyIMake awareness campaign and is awarding $250,000 to #InfyMakers to recognize Maker social innovation.

Infosys Foundation USA is announcing this year’s winners of the Infy Maker Awards. The 25 winners are tackling important problems in health, environmental sustainability, education and hunger. Each winning entry receives $10,000. The winning projects share common hallmarks of creativity, resourcefulness and originality, and include:

  • a battery storage unit converted to a cooler to store fresh produce in remote locations;
  • low-cost, open source transitional housing that can be produced on site for refugees and victims of natural disasters;
  • a durable shock-absorbing liner inspired by hedgehogs’ natural ability to withstand high-speed impacts that can be used in sports helmets.

Learn more about all the winners here.

The foundation is also releasing the next episode of its #WhyIMake  campaign on Monday, June 19th with a new celebrity maker. Infosys Foundation USA launched the #WhyIMake campaign to offer a virtual community for makers to share their own stories and inspiration with others. Previous episodes have featured Adam Savage, founder of, and Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and pioneer of the video game industry. Join the conversation at

The Fab Foundation is calling educators in STEM, Fab Lab and maker networks to contribute activities and projects engaging K-12 learners in digital fabrication.

Fab Foundation’s new Scaling a Community of Practice for Education in STEM through Digital Fabrication (SCOPESdf) project aims to catalyze STEM learning in formal educational environments through digital fabrication technologies and practices found in a Fab Lab or makerspace. This initial phase will involve collecting activities and projects educators engaged in STEM for K-12 learners.  The purpose of the call for projects is to develop a compilation of digital fabrication lessons that have been aligned to standards and will eventually be open sourced as a set of lessons under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license that permits free use and repurposing by others. To participate, submit online here or email now by Monday, June 19, 2017.

Digital Promise is providing a framework for schools to develop and integrate maker learning at their schools, including launching an online course encouraging deeper learning through making.

Digital Promise is publishing a Maker Learning Leadership Framework for school and district leaders. This Framework will provide resources and tools for school and district leaders to develop and integrate maker learning at their schools.  For maker educators, particularly those just getting started with maker learning, Digital Promise will be launching an online course called “Deeper Learning through Making.”  This course, launching in August 2017 on Edmodo’s Spotlight platform, will use the Challenge Based Learning framework to connect core principles and practices associated with both maker learning and deeper learning, and guide educators towards earning micro credentials in both areas.

Additionally, in celebration of the National Week of Making, Digital Promise is highlighting the diversity of makers through their three-part video series featuring maker learning happening at different Maker Promise schools across the country. The Maker Promise, a campaign led by Digital Promise and Maker Ed, is a commitment made by school leaders, in-school and out-of-school educators, and community advocates to become a champion for making, support spaces to learn through making, and showcase what students have made.


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