Community Build Project

See the Need, Build the Solution

The National Week of Making presents an opportunity to showcase what makers do best, make things. The goal of the community build project is to encourage makers around the country to identify a problem in their community and build a solution.

In celebration of this year’s National Week of Making, we challenge YOU to identify a need in your community, and work with your community of makers to build a solution! Post your community’s problem and your maker solution online during the National Week of Making on social media with the #NationofMakers #WeekOfMaking #MakersSolveProblems

We can’t wait to see what problems you solve and to celebrate the impact of making! A special thanks to the students of MC2 and their teacher, Kevin Hardin, for filming the Community Build Project video.

At a loss for where to start?

Mr. Hardin from MC2 has generously provided some tools and guidance, including an open-source geometric STEM learning tool which can easily be manufactured using a laser printer, card stock and rubber bands, and some sample lesson plans based on common core standards to help give teachers and students some additional learning opportunities and guidance:

  • Geoconstructix can be used to build a beautiful sculpture while helping students of all ages learn the fundamentals of geometry.
  • Projects can be made by, or donated to, classroom, libraries, and museums during the week of making or charity partners can be invited to build something during the week of making.
  • Makerspaces can also use example projects and download design files if they need inspiration or guidance.

For access to these specific tools, please download the files below. And once again, whether you use Geoconstructix, or an idea of your own, we can’t wait to see what you make!