Dennis Sucilsky

Setauket, New York
Tucker-Jones House Inc

What does it mean to be a maker?

Being a maker means being able to start with a concept and work through all necessary steps to bring a creation to completion, from design, to developing tooling and sourcing materials, to final production.

What are you doing in the Maker community?

Producing the Tavern Puzzle Collection is project that I have been working on for over 30 years, and I'm still not done! Developing new designs and producing a classic product completely handcrafted in the United States is an ongoing challenge.

Who are some other Makers you admire and why?

The entire artisan craft movement that began in the 1980s. It has been an honor to be part of this community, and to see the abundant talent and ingenuity that creates so many useful, beautiful, or functional objects. Artisan craftspeople are also generous in sharing of knowledge, and this helps us all become better at what we do.