Elizabeth and Stephanie Vicarte

Hagerstown, Maryland
KIDs Museum and StEli Makers


What does it mean to be a maker?

Stephanie (13): To me a Maker is someone who sees the world in a slightly different view. A Maker looks around them and sees the excitement in everything. Having the courage to take risks. They never think of just one solution, but multiple ways to contribute to a community.

Elizabeth (15): A Maker is someone that’s innovative and inventive. They use their knowledge and experience to make their community a better place and inspire the people around them. You don’t need to know electronics to be a Maker: we’re all Makers inside and want to make the world a better place.

What are you doing in the Maker community?

In 2015 we participated and won the first Toy 2.0 Challenge, organized by the KIDS Museum (Bethesda,MD) and sponsored by Innovation First International (the Hexbugs creators). In this challenge competitors had to build and design an original toy. Three of our ideas made it to the top 10 semifinals. Our winning entry, the “Vectorb” is an RF controlled ball that moves using the propulsion of 6 fans manage by a microcontroller board and a gyroscope sensor. The judging and winners were announced at the annual Silver Spring Maker Faire.

On May, we had a special presentation at the CoderDojoDC (Rockville,MD), where we presented our Toy 2.0 finalist toys and show our Maryland state championship VEX robot.

We have been an active supporter for creating a Maker Space in our hometown in Hagerstown.

Starting on December last year we are enroll in the apprenticeship program at the KIDs museum.

We are currently working on simple animatronics, a fun introduction to robotic gesture, and visual instrumental IoT music, an idea that combines visual cues, wireless data and music (our parallel passion).

We will be at the National Maker Faire this June 18th in the KIDS Museum Booth, hope to meet you there.

Who are some other Makers you admire and why?

We have a lot of inspiring and important people in my life, including our teachers and mentors, but there will always be two we keep close to our hearts. Both our Mother and Father.

So thank you from the both of us.