Megan Cicconi

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Remake Learning Network & Fox Chapel Area SD

What does it mean to be a maker?

Makers embody exploratory learning. We tinker, play, create, share, iterate... We LOVE learning and rely on our powerful regional & national maker communities to propel making into the lives of America's youth.

What are you doing in the Maker community?

I am working on many projects. Some with students, some with teachers, some with family and friends, all with makers (novice and experienced). A few favorites: Coding to Create- an initiative where I bring in cohorts (30) of regional educators, teach them MITs scratch, Makey Makeys, and gamification principles then enable them to work one-on-one with fourth grade students in our lowest SES school to iterate and create games. Another Maker initiative that is a current favorite of mine is Fab Con. We hosted over 150 educators from 6 states at our free professional development focused on infusing digital fabrication into K-12 classrooms. It was an amazing event that has resulted in current partnerships including the creation of free field trips for 2nd grade students to participate in PBL activities in our HS Fab Lab.

Who are some other Makers you admire and why?

I admire Kylie Peppler. She helps remind us that making is essential at all grade levels. She and Gever Tulley are inspirational in that aspect. Especially in the creation of

Alison Francis who leads the CLP is yet another maker to be admired. These examples have common traits of passion, work ethic, and a thoughtful almost pensive nature.